This cover has me swooning

The Rogue has a cover!

Readers, I am so in love with this cover, I want to marry it. It’s SUCH a perfect match for adrenaline-junkie, all-in, all the time firefighter, Ryan Dempsey. For those of you disappointed not to see Detective Addison Hale on this cover, too, fear not! I’ve got loads of graphics coming that she will star in–stay tuned to my socials (Facebook and Instagram, in particular, but also my Goodreads page blog!) for those.

There IS a preorder exclusive epilogue for The Rogue, and–amazing news–you don’t even need to sign up for it! All you need to do is preorder. That’s it. The special bonus scene will be delivered with the book. But the only readers who get it are the ones who preorder. It will NOT go out on or after release day. This is my special way of saying thank you for preordering the book!

🔥🔥 Grab this scorching hot magic right here:🔥🔥

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