Nearly fifty exclusive novellas


Nearly 50 authors – all NEW content – all for you! My contribution will be Dallas Garrity’s long-awaited story, and will lead in to the S17 Rescue Squad series.

This is a brand-new project starting in August, but you can get in on it NOW.

Every month, the Happily Ever After Collective will deliver exclusive romance novellas from best selling, award winning authors who know how to deliver that HEA romance reader crave. This project is unique because it’s Patreon-based. Stay with me here–I would not lead you astray! Patreon is easy to use and it lets you choose what you get. You are in charge of the WHOLE thing.

Subscribers (you!) will get to choose as many as four never-before-published novellas each month (depending on subscription tier), participate in live chats with authors, and receive exclusive content. Some of the highlights:

  • Four exclusive never-before-published novellas each month that span the romance subgenres with main characters who show that romance is for everyone. Readers will get to choose which novellas they want according to their subscription tier.
  • Each month’s novellas will center around the same trope. That trope will change each month so that one month may be fake relationships while the next month is friends to lovers, for example.
  • At least one of each month’s novellas will feature LGBTQI+ main characters.
  • At least one of each month’s novellas will feature BIPOC main characters.
  • Readers can participate in monthly subscriber-only interaction with the authors in the form of Zoom chats and extra content from each author that ties into the novellas.
  • Exclusive Happily Ever After Collective digital book covers for each novella, perfect for those readers who are also cover collectors.
  • A newsletter with information about each month’s novellas, featured authors and all of the HEA Collective authors’ new releases and sales.

I hope you’ll check it out → and sign up for the newsletter. Soft launch July 1 with August being the first four story month!

I’m so excited for this project! The only way to get in on this is to subscribe to the newsletter for your monthly update. This is where you’ll get to see the tropes and story titles, and choose how many you want to gobble up–I mean, READ–each month. Dallas Garrity and I will see you there!

And if you want to check Garrity out in the meantime, grab In Too Deep, where you’ll get a yummy sneak peek!

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