The cutest guy in my life right now

So, funny story…

In 2019, I attended the Shameless Book Signing in Orlando, FL. One of the local groups brought dogs that were up for adoption, taking them around from table to table to meet the authors (best. idea. EVER). That’s where I met the sweetest little blue Whippet and promptly went home and told my husband that we needed one in our lives. Six weeks later, our first Whippet, Olive, came to live with us.

And then…the pandemic came to live with allllllllll of us.

We were home. We needed joy. And we wanted a second dog. Finding the right one for our family proved difficult (everyone wanted a puppy that year because, let’s face it, they are the ultimate in feel-good). But, then, in May of 2021, we happened upon a four month-old Whippet who needed a home, and she was perfect. Enter Daisy.

“That’s it,” I told my husband. He agreed–two was a good number for our family. They were happy and well-trained, all the carpets had been steam-cleaned (LOL), we were good to go.

And then, I scrolled the Internet and saw this guy. And learned that he needed a home.

Sooooo it looks like three is actually our number 🙂 Meet Jack! He’s ten weeks old and a total spitfire. Of course, we adore him. My husband doesn’t even mind that Jack is the cutest guy in my life right now.

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