Starting 2023 with a bang!

Buckle Up, Readers! We’re gonna preview 2023, and it’s already PACKED!

  1. VIP Readers will get not one, not two, but THREE free e-books every month. To get these, all you have to do is become a VIP (if you’re not already) right here and open your emails when you see them. Yes, I know that sounds a little weird. YES, there are people who don’t open and miss out. Don’t let that be you!
  2. I’m updating and re-releasing all of the Pine Mountain books this year. They’re being edited for better readability and added steam (ooolala!) and they’re all getting brand-new looks. They’ll all be right here as they’re released and Sugar and Spice is out now, with Turn Up the Heat arriving on 2/7.
  3. I’m finishing the Intelligence Unit series in July with The Agent. It WILL have an exclusive series epilogue as a preorder-only bonus, so make sure you snap it up. For real. FOR REAL! And stay tuned for a free prequel coming your way in time for the cover reveal on 2/14.
  4. I’ll have books in KU! The Pine Mountain books will be wide for preorder and release week, then they’ll ALL be going into KU. If you buy books from vendors other than the Zon, make sure you preorder these if you want them!
  5. You get more firefighters! I’m starting the S17 Rescue Squad series late this year. Sam Faurier, Tyler Gates, Dallas Garrity, and Gabe Hawkins will all get books in this series.
  6. I’ll be part of at least one anthology this year (YAY!) but I can’t say more than that for now. I promise you’ll know as soon as I can, though! Stay tuned.

I am SO excited for this year and all the fun things it’ll bring to this group and to our e-readers. The best way to get all the extras (first looks, cover reveals, big sales, free reads) is to be a VIP (see above!) and to stay tuned to this group regularly. Every year, I have at least a few folks tell me they missed out on a special offer (bonus epilogues in particular) because they didn’t see it. I absolutely promise you that I will talk about these special extras a LOT in both the VIP newsletter and this group. All you have to do is show up and read! ❤️

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  1. I have the “new” SUGAR AND SPICE and I pre-ordered TURN UP THE HEAT even though I KNOW I read the entire series 10 years ago! That was when I first met you! Looking forward to the S17 Rescue Squad series later this year! I love every book you write! Hugs! Take care!


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