You asked for it…a handy dandy reading list!

Here’s something I get asked about a lot…yes, there is a reading guide for my books (in reading order)! Nearly all of my books stand alone (Forever Deep is really the only exception) in terms of the romance (no cliffhangers) and the suspense (same). But since Remington is SUCH a tightly knit world and everyone …

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The cutest guy in my life right now

So, funny story… In 2019, I attended the Shameless Book Signing in Orlando, FL. One of the local groups brought dogs that were up for adoption, taking them around from table to table to meet the authors (best. idea. EVER). That’s where I met the sweetest little blue Whippet and promptly went home and told …

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Nearly fifty exclusive novellas

 MASSIVE NEWS  Nearly 50 authors – all NEW content – all for you! My contribution will be Dallas Garrity’s long-awaited story, and will lead in to the S17 Rescue Squad series. This is a brand-new project starting in August, but you can get in on it NOW. Every month, the Happily Ever After Collective will …

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The Rogue Prequel Scene (spoiler-free)

Did you miss the prequel scene that went out in my VIP newsletter last month? Still want to get your hot little hands on it (hint: hot firefighter = you do) I’m here to help! And join my VIP list right here so you don’t miss out on all the goodies (two free books per …

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When you know, you know!

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